Gretna, Nebraska — The town of Gretna, Nebraska hasn't had many if any high school football players as good as Andy Janovich, but football may not have even been his best sport.

In high school Janovich was actually a wrestler.

He was a two-time state champion and lost only one match in his final three high school seasons. Andy was great at it, but it wasn't always that way.

"When I was little I hated it more than anything. I was just kind of soft," Janovich said looking back.

"I ended up quitting in 7th grade but then my brothers beat me up enough that it kind of forced me to go back out for it. I gave it another chance and started to like it more the more and more I kept winning."

Matt Bruggeman, Janovich's high school coach, said Andy was the best at that weight that the state of Nebraska has ever seen.

"To be honest with you he was winning in intimidation alone. He just didn't look like a high school kid," Bruggeman said.

Two Janovich brothers won state championships as well, but Andy believes he was the best although he admits his brothers would disagree. That's what sibling rivalry is all about.