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Rocky Mountain Vibes have one of the best-selling caps in the minors

Everyone wanted a piece of Toasty in 2019. Colorado's newest mascot was a top-seller in Minor League Baseball.
Credit: Rocky Mountain Vibes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Toasty was on fire in 2019.

The official cap of the Rocky Mountain Vibes was among the top-selling hats in minor league baseball last year.

Formerly the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, the Vibes competed in their first season last summer with new logos, new branding and a new mascot named Toasty.

"The Vibes were a hot commodity, and anything with the Toasty Vibes mascot was sizzling," said Kelsie Heneghan of MiLB.com.

The team's cap — featuring a smiling, on-fire marshmallow squished between two graham crackers — cracked the top 10 across 160 teams in Minor League Baseball.

"Toasty — with an energetic smile, big shades, and flaming hair — has been compared to celebrity chef Guy Fieri," said Heneghan. "And in 2019, everyone wanted a piece of Toasty."

Credit: Rocky Mountain Vibes

When Toasty was unveiled in late 2018, he was described as a "fun-loving S’more with a winning attitude" who is "spreading Good Vibes all across the land."

"S'more I want to hang out with," said Vibes general manager Chris Phillips, about Toasty.

"With an emphasis on the outdoorsy nature of local fans, Toasty is seen wearing hiking boots and ready for a campfire … just as long as he's not on the menu," said Heneghan.

Check out the full list of the hottest-selling caps in 2019 at MiLB.com.

The Vibes' hat is available for $34.99 at Vibes.MiLBStore.com.

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