When Colorado State opened up fall camp, head coach Mike Bobo was upbeat, positive, and full of energy, even after undergoing a right knee replacement back in April. But as each week progressed, Bobo openly admitted to members of the media that something was wrong. He talked about soreness. An MRI and more tests. As the numbness in his foot eventually spread to both feet, Bobo was taken to the hospital immediately following their second scrimmage this past Saturday.

CSU head coach Mike Bobo works with senior wide receiver Olabisi Johnson during fall camp.
CSU head coach Mike Bobo works with senior wide receiver Olabisi Johnson during fall camp.

On Monday, the university emailed statements from Bobo as well as Athletic Director Joe Parker regarding his temporary departure from the team.

“I feel very encouraged by the test results to this point and hope to have some answers soon,” said Bobo. “I also feel very encouraged about our 2018 CSU Football team. We have excellent coaches and excellent leadership in this program, and I have full confidence that they will continue to have tremendous preparation on and off the practice field for as long as I must be away. My family and I appreciate all of the great care and support we are receiving.”

Parker expressed his thoughts as well.

“Our first priority is to focus on Mike’s health and well-being, and to support that process in every way we can. I share Mike’s confidence that we have tremendous leadership in our football program, and that the coaching staff will continue to successfully guide the team through practices and meetings while he is away.”

The team’s first practice without Bobo was on Monday. On Tuesday, the Rams offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator addressed the media. Who will take over the team in Bobo’s absence? What if he doesn’t return by August 25 for CSU’s first game against Hawaii?

“The coordinators and then Coach [Ronnie] Letson as the assistant head coach handle all those duties. In terms of the offense, defense and administrative type things,” said offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Dave Johnson. “Things that we had scheduled to do way back in the summer when we were planning training camp, what Day 16 was going to look like, well it was today and we already had that planned. So we’re just carrying out the plan.”

Added defensive coordinator John Jancek:

“We just pray for Coach Bobo and we want him back. We miss him. He’s a great leader, has made a tremendous impact, has created an outstanding culture here. Obviously, we want him back but that’s going to be day-to-day. We’re just going to do our jobs diligently until he can return.”