When the Colorado State Rams take on rival Boise State on Saturday, they won't have a single bit of green on their uniforms.

And it's on purpose.

For the Saturday's game, Colorado State University will take to the field in their 'State Pride' uniforms which feature the Colorado flag and its signature colors of red, blue and yellow.

The jerseys and pants will be mostly white, while the players' helmets will sport the red and gold "C" recognizable on the state flag.

Saturday's game at Sonny Lubick Field at CSU Stadium is scheduled to kickoff at 8:30 p.m. on national TV. To check out these uniforms in person, you can get your tickets here.

The 'State Pride' uniforms unveiled by Colorado State University on Thursday. They'll be worn Nov. 11 versus Boise State.

According to Colorado State:

"The royal blue stripes of the flag run along the center of the helmet from front to back, and down the outside of each pant leg. Jersey numbers are royal with red trim, and the words "Colorado State" appear in royal above the number on the front of the jersey."

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