DENVER — Discussions for a new locker room started in 2014. Since then, the University of Denver hockey team has won a national championship, produced a Hobey Baker Award winner, and gotten a new head coach. Now that the new Miller Hockey Complex is finally finished, the guys gave us a tour of their new digs.

The size of the new locker room is nearly double the size of the old one, increasing from 2,275 square feet -- to 4,464 square feet. It features the locker room, players' lounge, kitchen and dining area, equipment room and training room.

To avoid superstition and walking over the team logo on the floor of the locker room, the new logo hangs from the ceiling, and is illuminated in lights.

"It's pretty cool, it's nice to see when you walk in," forward Liam Finley said. "It lights up the room."

The new stalls are also state-of-the-art, and were designed with a specific goal in mind -- anti-stink.

"We designed this to have a lot of air flow because in our old room, we had al ot of issues with stuff drying without incredible amount of fans. I'd put six or eight floor fans in there to help get our stuff dry," DU hockey director of equipment room operations Nick Meldrum said. "Now each locker is supplied with its own air supply, so it's ducted into each stall."

Watch the video to see some of the other changes and improvements to the new hockey facilities.