“It’s really a dream come true and I think I really try not to take any day for granted.”

It’s all about perspective for Josh Goldin. In the spring of 2017, he walked on to the University of Colorado’s football team. Unfortunately for the Rock Canyon graduate, there were far too many quarterbacks in the room and he was among the roster cuts at the end of spring training.

“It was pretty tough just because it was something I was really proud of at the moment just kind of not really having a lot of offers and being a part of something like that,” Goldin recalled. “But I knew in my heart that I wanted to come back and at least try to give it another shot.”

Outside of his family, Goldin turned to his roommate, Ryan Webb, for support. Webb was a team manager for the team already and suggested Goldin join him in the equipment room.

“It just kind of felt like the next logical thing. I felt like if I wasn’t good enough to necessarily play, I just wanted to be involved and just help the team any way I could.”

After landing the job, Goldin got right to work, setting a golden standard for team managers. He did a little of everything, from washing dirty uniforms, mudding up footballs, organizing gear, to assisting with setting up and breaking down drills. On a white dry-erase board leaning against the wall, his name is next to all but one of their “EQ records”, which includes a six minute and 38 second solo field set up.

“I guess that’s kind of my pride and joy that I kind of left behind in the EQ and I’m honestly surprised they still have it up,” he said with a laugh.

Goldin admits the worst part of the job was the hours, working late into the night and into the morning on away game trips. But it was a job he did with pride.

“One of the best parts about being here is just knowing that every little thing you did kind of contributed to the team and the team’s success.”

A year later, Goldin got a second shot at making the team, this time, as a holder. Coach MacIntyre called him with the good news this time around. According to Goldin, it was a dream come true.

“I just really try hard to come out every day with enthusiasm just because I know this is my dream and this is what I’ve always worked for,” Goldin said. “Whenever people are kind of down or kind of feel like, oh man, we have to go to practice? I’m like WE get to go, I get to go to football practice today and just be a part of this amazing program, this amazing school.”

Goldin only had to wait until their Week 2 matchup against Nebraska to get his first taste of live action as a Buff. Starting punter and holder Alex Kinney suffered a broken collarbone early in the game while making a tackle. Always prepared, Goldin replaced the injured Kinney, helping CU to a 33-28 victory in Lincoln.