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Colorado State Fair eating champion to face Joey Chestnut

2019 'slopper' defending champion will try to defend his crown against the biggest name in competitive eating this weekend.

PUEBLO, Colo. — Who doesn’t love the food at the Colorado State Fair?

Darron Breeden must really like sloppers, because he woofed down a record 28 1/2 of them to win the 2019 World Championship.

"I didn’t know what a slopper was until I won the contest last year. It's basically an opened-faced cheeseburger with chili sauce on top. It’s really delicious," Breeden recalled.

Breeden is back in Pueblo this weekend to defend his title. The world’s fourth-ranked competitive eater will have some serious competition.

"I’m definitely excited (and) a little nervous this time too because I know Joey Chestnut is showing up this year, and he wasn’t there last year," Breeden said. "As we all know he’s the defending hot dog champion."

Joey Chestnut captured his 13th title in July.

Breeden bounced back with a record 48 Oreo cookies a and half-gallon of milk in 2 minutes, 28 seconds. On Saturday, he will try to take down the sports top dog.

"That’s what were gunning for," Breeden said with a smile. "I’ve been doing pretty well with my training, and Joey better bring his A-game."

What is it like for you the night after you compete? Can you sleep or is your body tied up trying to handle all this food?

"It depends. With sloppers, they’re pretty big," Breeden recalled. "I think they’re 9 ounces apiece, so I ate 28 1/2 last year. I was feeling a little rough, but with adequate rest I felt fine."

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