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Colorado Summit putting local ultimate frisbee on the map

The Summit is Colorado’s newest American ultimate Disc Team.

DENVER — Jonathan Nethercutt calls it a dream come true.

Nethercutt, who is a professional ultimate disc player for the Colorado Summit, is living the dream, flinging discs and winning games for Colorado’s newest American ultimate Disc Team.

“I think we all have a lot of pride on the entire team to be able to set a tone,” said Nethercutt. “To make a mark and to make an impact on the first year we’re in the league, and show that Colorado ultimate’s got a lot to offer.”

Nethercut is a former AUDL league MVP, who brings skill and an impactful voice to the Summit. Nethercutt spoke about being a mentor to other players.

“This allows a new franchise to be able to start off on a good foot when you have veteran leadership. Helping to make that transition for younger players is really an invaluable thing for a new franchise to have that type of leadership.”

Nethercutt’s game is all about throwing for distance, “I’m a power thrower for the most part in terms of stretching the field with my throws and a distributor. Kind of a ‘QB1’ if you will.”

The Mile High already has its QB1 (Russell Wilson), but Nethercutt isn’t far behind. Like Wilson, he’s been featured on Sportscenter’s top 10 plays multiple times.

“He’s most recognized for his huge throws and his accuracy,” said Summit Coach Mikey Lun. “But it really is his mind and leadership that we’ve leveraged that in our strategies we pick his brain.”

The eight-year pro doesn’t spend all his time slinging discs though. You can find him here at the Powder 7 ski shop in Golden, where he works full time as a customer service manager.

“It takes a lot. A lot of these guys are training pretty much every chance they get when they’re not working full-time jobs. It’s a commitment. Most of them are year round ultimate players. Yeah it’s not easy. Definitely requires a lot of balance and there’s some juggling there.”

And When Nethercutt isn’t fitting boots, or checking online sales, his mind sometimes flies back to the field.

“Especially the closer we get to Saturday night or the closer we get to a game the more our mental space shifts towards the upcoming event rather than maybe what we’re doing at the time at work .”

The Summit have lead the Western Division all season, and will look for success in their first playoffs in August, “The goal is to win. The goal is absolutely to win. We want to win our division, we want to win every game we play but the ultimate goal is to win a championship. Without a doubt the goal is to win.”

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