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Commentary: Colorado sports fans have a ton of role models

Jacob Tobey talks about how lucky young Colorado sports fans are, to have these people to look up to.

DENVER, Colorado — As sports fans, we grow up idolizing athletes and coaches. We say they’re our heroes. And this week I realized just how lucky young Colorado sports fans are, to have these people to look up to. 

On Wednesday, CU's Coach Prime held a team meeting and brought all of his female staffers in front of his team. He implored his players to respect every single woman in that room and to address them as ma'am. Coach Prime is obviously about winning, but he really is in it to make young men better people.  

If a young fan is watching or listening to Nikola Jokic, they will understand the importance of selflessness. The Joker said on Wednesday that out of all of his accomplishments, he’s most proud of becoming the Nuggets' all-time assists leader, because it means he’s being a good teammate.

Look at someone like Nuggets head coach Michael Malone. He has been outspoken about social justice issues, and he’s been there for Elijah McClain’s family through it all. That means something. 

And for all the flack that Russell Wilson gets, he really is a good person: whether it’s his children’s hospital visits, his life message of "why not you?" or his continuous optimism. We can all learn from that. 

There are so many good role models here in Denver: Justin Simmons, Gabe Landeskog, Kyle Freeland -- the list goes on and on. 

So as we continue to root for our teams on the field of play, let’s also realize the unbelievable amount of good work they do away from it.



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