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Jake's Take: Nuggets can make second-half run with healthy roster

Jacob Tobey says the Denver Nuggets can improve their playoff seeding as injured players return after the All-Star break.

DENVER — Alright Nuggets Nation, before the season if you would have told me this team would be the sixth seed at the All-Star break, I would've been disappointed. Well, that's what's happened and I am disappointed about it! 

So the question is: How does this team improve? 

With this team, it all starts with health. Jamal Murray has been banged up with a multitude of nagging injuries. You hope that the All-Star break gave the 'Blue Arrow' the rest he needed. He has played better as of late, scoring at least 22 points in 12 straight games on 55-percent shooting -- looking more like playoff bubble Murray. 

Paul Millsap has missed the last 10 games with a knee injury, Gary Harris the last eight with a thigh, and Jamychal Green the last seven with a shoulder. It's hard to be consistent without those three -- especially on defense

The NBA trade deadline is March 25, and the Nuggets brass will need to decide if this team is worth investing in to go get a piece (preferably a veteran for the bench) to help them make a playoff push. 

According to tankathon.com, the Nuggets have the fifth-easiest remaining strength of schedule in terms of winning percentage. That bodes well for a banged up team that has the talent, looking to make a run. 

So, get healthy, get bench help and take advantage of this second-half schedule and make a run at a top-four seed. 

I hate to break it to ya: Nikola Jokic ain't winning the MVP unless this team is a serious title contender. 

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