The Avalanche can't win there and lately neither can the Nuggets, but on Jan. 28, Denver native Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone plans to take care of business in the ring at Pepsi Center in UFC, brawling once again in his backyard.

"20th and Market, we used to call it death row," Cerrone said. "The bar would let out, everyone would funnel to the parking lot and when you're looking for trouble it doesn't take much to find it."

From fighting in the street to the ring, with a stop in the rodeo along the way. Cerrone use to ride bulls as well.

"I fell in love with it and started chasing the rodeo. We chased it from North Dakota to South Dakota to Wyoming to Colorado Springs and just fell in love with it. Then it turned out I wasn't any good at it."

There was a a benefit to spending time on those bulls though, it prepared Cerrone for the UFC.

"When you're about to make the walk or about to get on the bull the adrenaline dump is crazy."

Cerrone has spent a lot of times with a lot of Colorado athletes over the years from Todd Helton to Peyton Manning. He's also worked out with Derek Wolfe, who Cerrone says it the one pro athlete he's met who could do what he does, but why would he?

"$14 million dollars a year or 14k?" questioned Cerrone. He said he also told Wolfe,"I can get you in the UFC, but I'll trade you spots."

It seems both found the field that fits them best.