The work doesn't stop.

"I love training and I don't really like taking time off," said Elise Cranny who is back in Colorado and nobody would blame her for taking a little break, not after what she went through just last week. The Stanford sophomore came out on the wrong end of the closest 1500 meter final in NCAA finals history. Her time of 4:09.54 seconds is her all-time best.

"I was cooling off afterward and I was so like happy, but also part of me was a little dissatisfied deep down especially because it was so close," said Cranny.

She was just .004 of a second behind Mississippi State's Marta Freitas.

"I think about it and I'm like all you had to was take 1 hard step, 1 second sooner or even if the race was 2 steps longer," said Cranny.

Fresh off the terrific race at nationals, Cranny has to stay ready.

"Right now I'm training as if I have another race and we're hoping it will workout," said Cranny,

That personal best of hers at NCAA's was just .04 of a second off the automatic qualifying time for next month's Olympic Trials. Still, the belief is that her time will be good enough for an invite.

"It's nerve racking, it is nerve racking," Cranny told 9NEWS.

It would be a huge accomplishment for the 20-year-old.

"I would like to go because I feel like in 4 years that's pretty like prime time," Cranny said with a smile. "So I feel like it would be an incredible experience to go and see what it's like so in 4 years I have more experience and I feel more comfortable."

The former Niwot star now has some alone time on her old high school track, in hopes of joining some of the best in the world in a couple of weeks.

"To have so many incredible women in the U.S. is so awesome," she said. "We watch them and see their results throughout the entire collegiate season and to be on a starting line with them would be incredible."

It will be close. But she's used to that now.

"I'm excited and hopeful that I get the opportunity run," said Cranny.

Just another photo finish for the young track star.