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Crunch time is Shinyashiki time

Crunch time is Shinyashiki time

When time is running short, that is his time.

"I think big players play in big games and big players play in moments when the team needs them most," said DU sophomore Andre Shinyashiki. He is more than clutch, he's almost unbelievable.

Andre scored three game winning goals in less than a month, and all were in the closing moments of the game. On October 19th he headed in a golden goal with eight seconds in double overtime left to beat New Mexico. Two weeks later another doublt OT golden goal that beat Portland. Then, just last week in the Summit League title game Shinyashiki scored the go-ahead tally with 38 seconds left in regulation.

"Won the Summit League championship for the 4th time. Just happy that I can help the team win a championship," said Shinyashiki.

Now he has another opportunity as the Pioneers chase a national title. Perhaps they should start the games with thirty seconds on the clock, seems to be working.

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