ID=24402729Denver's Chris Connor makes bicycles, wooden ones. He's often described them as: "being exceptionally strong, kind of what's used in Louisville Slugger baseball bats."

So why not? Chris approached the company and they decided to take a swing. Louisville Slugger sent Chris the lumber that would normally be cut in to bats. Connor turned the billets into a bike frame and shipped it back.

"They took the bike and they branded it with the signature Louisville Slugger brand which is so iconic about their baseball bats and put the same durable finish that is on their bats on the bicycle," Connor told 9NEWS.

The handle grips are the same that go on a Slugger bat handle and the leather for the seat would usually be on one of the world renowned baseball factories mitts. The bike will be put on display at the Louisville Slugger museum in Kentucky.

"People from all over that are coming to see the factory will get to see this bike and interact with it, turn the cranks and spin the wheels and they'll have a baseball card flopping in the spokes and it will be a fun thing that just says baseball," said Connor.

Chris somehow created the first baseball bat ever, that hopefully never hits anything.