KUSA—It’s not that we hardly knew John Benton.

It’s that we never met him.

Benton, whoever he is, could be leaving the Denver Broncos for the San Francisco 49ers, according to an NFL coaching source. Broncos general manager John Elway and head coach Vance Joseph granted Benton permission to interview for a higher position with the 49ers.

Hired to become the Broncos' assistant offensive line coach on Jan. 15, it appears Benton may never get a chance to make an impact on the Broncos' blocking game. The 49ers are interviewing Benton for their top offensive line coach position.

Indications are Benton will get the San Francisco gig. Benton and new 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan had previously worked together as part of Gary Kubiak’s coaching staff in Houston from 2006 until Shanahan left to become Washington’s offensive coordinator in 2010.

He will be missed that John Benton. His little laugh. If only he could have helped the Broncos’ run game.

Credit Elway and Joseph for being the bigger men in this unusual circumstance. Two years ago, Joseph felt the stab of disappointment when he was snubbed from a promotion because of a self-serving employer.

Given his first chance as head coach to put cold-hearted business ahead of the right thing, Joseph allowed the freshly hired Benton the chance for a better job.

Joseph was the Cincinnati Bengals’ defensive backs coach with one year left on his contract in 2015 when Elway tried to hire him away to become the Broncos' defensive coordinator. Even though it was a considerable promotion, Bengals owner Mike Brown blocked the move.

When Joseph’s contract expired after 2015, he became the Miami Dolphins’ defensive coordinator for coach Adam Gase, then landed the Broncos’ top coaching job last month.

Three days after Joseph took charge of the Broncos’ coaching staff, he hired Jeff Davidson as his offensive line coach and the next day added Benton as assistant line coach.

One month into Benton's contract, he now gets the chance to become the top line coach in San Francisco while Joseph and Davidson search for a new assistant line coach. Who needs John Benton, anyway?