For the 19th year in a row 106 sleep deprived fishermen on 53 boats took the challenge of staying up all night from 7 pm to 7 am to try to win one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the state.

There are only three people who can say that they've fished all of the overnight tournaments. Bill Wilson, Frank Villa and Ben Lind are the only 19-year veterans of the Open.

Lind and Villa used to fish the tournament together and won the tournament several times. This year Lind would win the tournament (his sixth time) with Andy Crowe with an aggregate five-fish weight of 12.10 lbs.

This year there were two new anglers who wanted to take their best shot at fishing under the moonlight. Reno Boyd and Kyle Higgins paired up and stayed up all night for the first time fishing for 12 consecutive hours.

Each team of fishermen had their own strategy of how they would approach the tournament and some worked better than others.