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Scooter carts catching attention at local golf courses

The golf business is booming and tee times have become a hot commodity, but soon there may be another draw at your local links.

THORNTON, Colo. — Social distancing is the name of the game.

But if you’re looking to avoid traffic on each tee, Todd Creek Golf Club is considering something that blows the doors off the standard cart.

"We’re responsible for growing the game of golf, and anything we can bring in that’s different and unique is what we’re looking for," said Billy Berhardt, the head professional at Todd Creek Golf Club.

Bernhardt demoed the golf scooter last weekend.

It's a battery powered, single rider two-wheeler that includes a golf club carrier. With a top speed above 20 miles per hour, pace of play isn’t the only problem it alleviates according to distributor Joe Buchholz.

"We’ve talked to a couple superintendents and talked about its impact on the ground itself. Because of how light it is, even with a rider on it, it is substantially less of an impact on the turf than a traditional golf cart," explained Buccholz, CEO of BBHG Golf.

Every golfer has heard the phrase 'Drive for Show'. Well, this thing takes it to a whole new level.

"It is so much fun to ride these on the golf course, and having a great time on the golf course, I think, is something that’s been missing from the game for a long time," Buccholz said.

"The biggest thing for us is the cool factor. Not only for us with our residents being in a gate community, but also for the public as well," said Berhardt.

So when will the golf scooter be available at Colorado Golf Courses?

'We’ve got a couple (of local golf courses) that are very interested in getting a least a sample fleet going. When push comes to shove, these things are going to be a large percentage of a lot of courses fleets really soon," Buccholz said.

Just try to keep 'em in the fairway.

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