Sometimes, the most entertaining moments at high school sports games don't even come from the players in action.

Often, it's the creativity and hilarity of the fans in the student sections that people remember most.

Every week in our 9NEWS Preps coverage, we see and hear chants/stunts in the crowd that make us smile and laugh, and so, we've decided to share the best ones with you.

Hence, we've created a new weekly segment called "9Preps FAN-tastic", where we will be highlighting the greatest fan videos and pictures from high school sporting events in Colorado each week.

This week's top video was an easy choice.

In its basketball game against No. 1 Rock Canyon Tuesday night, the Regis Jesuit student section had one of its fans dress up as Moses and pull off a perfect execution of the "parting of the red seas". It's the clear winner of our very first edition of 9Preps FAN-tastic.

Think you have a video or picture that could be our winner in the future? Did your school's student section crowd do something funny or unique that's FAN-tastic? Send it to us, and your video could wind up on 9NEWS!

Email us at, tweet us @9Preps or message us on Facebook at 9NEWS Sports. Follow along each week to see if your school's submission is featured!