It's never easy saying goodbye to playing the sport you love and may have even grew up playing. 

Sports teach lessons, create work ethic and even shape a person's character. Athletes become a part of the game they've played for so long. 

Most student-athletes know their final days of playing, for Cherokee Trail's Anynalem Woldemariam it was unforeseen. 

After a concussion in September of last year, doctors found a brain tumor that would need to be removed immediately. Retiring from soccer was a imperative move for her survival. 

"We went to the emergency room and they took a CT scan," Woldemariam told 9NEWS. "[The doctor] was like, 'you need to have this surgery or you can end up being blind, paralyzed, or you can die,' so it was really scary." 

Despite having to give up athletics, Woldemariam will always be a part of her soccer family with the Cougars. 

"The culture in our soccer community at our school is we've become a family," Head Coach Jeremy Schaller said. "We take care of our own, we protect each other and just because something happens to a family member doesn't mean they're no longer part of the family."

Although her role on the team will change, she will always be a part of the Cougar family. The team wanted to show their appreciation by sending her off on her own terms. 

Woldemariam stepped on the field as a student-athlete for her last game on Senior Night. She began the game at the kick-off and after the both teams agreeing to kick it out-of-bounds, she woulbe be subbed out immediately in her final game. 

"I'm excited," Woldemariam said, "Even though it's for a minute or two, I'm excited to just put on my cleats for the last time, and be in the uniform, and be out there in my old position." 

It's not the way she had envisioned herself leaving the game, but at least this way it was in her control.