It has been passed down from one to the next...and then on to another.

The Condit family represents the sport of wrestling from generation to generation.

Cayden Condit, a freshman at Conifer High School, started wrestling after watching her older brother Zander. He got involved because their dad, Dustin, was a wrestler. Dad got the wrestling bug from his father.

Now the brother-sister combo is heading to the state tournament together.

"I would come and watch him practice, and thought well if I'm here, why not actually do something," Cayden said.

With both Cayden and Zander heading to the state championship tournament this weekend dad feels a sense of pride in their success.

"Probably at regionals, got a little misty eyed," Dustin told 9NEWS. "To see them both qualify is a pretty special thing. With all the hard work they've put in, it's nice to see it paying off."

Cayden, a freshman, wrestles at 106 pounds, while Zander wrestles at 136 as a sophomore.

"When we wrestle live he usually beats me," Cayden said, "but there's a few times I've taken him down and I'm pretty proud of that."

“It’s pretty cool to see her get me once and a while," Zander said.

There is a third Condit running around the wrestling room, and 7-year-old Timmery might end up being the best of the siblings. She watches and learns just like her older siblings.

"I can see her doing some of the moves that I've helped her with, moves that you don't truly see from someone that young," Zander said. "It’s pretty nice to see."

Timmery might get to see her older brother and sister make history this weekend. Cayden is trying to become the first female ever to place at the Colorado state tournament.

"I love to watch her wrestle, and beat up some boys,” Zander said.

“I like him saying that!" Cayden replied.

Together, they could be the first brother and sister combo to end up on the podium at the state tournament and they're both confident they will get there.

"We're going to make it happen,” Zander said, followed by Cayden with, “Ya, we're going to do it together, we're going to be the 1st brother and sister to place."

That would make the Condit's more than a wrestling family, that would make them the wrestling family.