We start this honor roll with a jam. Denver East's Langston Reynolds pokes this one free...and you can sense it coming... that's a monster dunk! and we're just getting started.

Same team on the ice this time for No. 4. The one-timer from East's Joseph Capra is right on the money for Connor Hasse to beat the goalie stick side.

No. 3 takes us to the mats. Two-time state champ and No. 1-ranked Vince Cornella of Monarch pins No. 3-ranked Nico Revello of Brighton in only 16 seconds.

Back to the court for No. 2. Watch this sequence from Rangeview. Christopher Speller with the monster block at one end...sends it down the other way for his twin brother, Christian, and he throws down the big jam...That's twin telepathy.

Our top play of the week wastes no time. Jasmine Cardona from Sterling takes the ball to half court... heaves this one up... beats the halftime buzzer. She stomps off the court.... yeah, you deserve that mood after that shot.

Those are our top plays, now it's your turn. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE BELOW.