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Jordan Fishman is climbing toward a world championship

Local 16-year-old speed climber and two-time national speed climbing champion has his sights set on a world championship.

When it comes to speed climbing, Jordan Fishman might as well be called Spiderman.

The 16-year-old is a two-time National Speed Climbing Champion and he finished in second place in his age group at the World Championships.

Once Jordan entered a gym, he latched on to the sport and hasn't let go since. “My dad took me to the gym one day and I was like…this is sick!” Jordan said.

“Jordan just loved it and took off and left his dad in the dust,” Stephanie Fishman, Jordan’s mom said as she laughed. 

The idea of speed climbing: be speedy.

“For speed, it’s the same route all over the world, so you know how that looks and then it’s just whoever gets up the wall the fastest,” Jordan said. His fastest time up the 15 meter wall 6.38 seconds, less than a second behind the world record.

Competitive climbing is growing rapidly and the sport and possibly even Jordan will be in the Olympics next year. The sport consists of three disciplines: speed climbing, sport climbing and bouldering.

“I think if you’re looking for the best overall climber they should be the best in all three disciplines,” Jordan explained. 

One way to be the best in this sport, learn to solve a puzzle. Each climbing wall is a puzzle and Jordan has a knack for finding routes. 

“He’s able to look at a wall and just pick it apart and know what exactly he has to do to get to the top of the wall without falling…and it’s amazing to see,” Stephanie said. 

Jordan’s talent has taken him all over the world and his ultimate goal is pure gold. “I would say an Olympic gold medal because the Olympics is as big as it gets.”

He is reaching for his ultimate goal at a rapid pace and it'll only be a question of "when" not "if" he achieves it. 

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