DENVER — Championship Saturday is a symphony of sounds.

From the fans cheering behind the fence to the booming voice of the ump, there is one voice that drowns them all out. That's because Rich Chainhalt sure has a lot to say.

"The live action, just being the announcer right there, announcing the touchdown, announcing the home run [was natural]," Chainhalt said.

For 30 years, Chainhalt has been a part of the Denver Public School District. He taught and coached baseball at Denver West, but soon realized, he had another passion that revolved around the baseball diamond.

"The season would end and playoffs would come, and they would need a little extra help," he said. "I started to come in and help with stats and the board and things like that. I got a couple of chances on the microphone and we never looked back."

Chainhalt has now been the voice of DPS' All-City Field for the past dozen years. Six years ago, he also took on announcing responsibilities at All-City Stadium, including calling football, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer games.

"One of my favorite things always was the state tournament in baseball," he admitted. "I never wanted to miss it."

In 2011, he almost did. Rich was diagnosed with prostate cancer, in what started a long on-and-off struggle. His battle forced him to quit coaching in 2012 and retire from teaching the following year.

"[In] 2013, 14, 15 and a bit of 16 was all tied up in the various treatments, recovery and rebounding," Chainhalt said.

Throughout that journey, he tried to maintain the relationships around the baseball season. That included never missing a Saturday state title, no matter his condition.

"I am so thankful and so lucky to have a group of, not only the Denver prep athletic office and the staff here at the stadium that works with me each event, but the community around that too," he said. "The backing they gave me and the support they gave me kept me pushing."

The community of friends and family at All-City Field have created a harmonious home for Rich over the years -- a melody so sweet, it now feels like home.