It's time for Sweet 16 basketball and the No. 8 seed Overland Trailblazers hosted the No. 9 seeded Regis Jesuit Raiders in one of the 5A match-ups.

The Trailblazers started the game with a bang. Looking calm, collect and ready for more playoff basketball Overland made their way to the rim and made their shots with ease in the first half.

Regis struggled, their shots unable to fall as the Trailblazers continued to lead the way.

After the first half Overland lead 25-10 over Regis Jesuit.

In the third, new half, same story.

Regis' three-point shooters would heat up; however, they were unable to catch the consistent Trailblazers who continued to pour on offense.

When the final buzzer rang, No. 8 Overland topped No. 9 Regis Jesuit 63-39.

Overland will face No. 1 seeded Rock Canyon in the Great 8.