WESTMINSTER — In this sport, timing is everything.

The time it takes to prepare for this moment -- years.

“Many of these girls have been dancing close to the time that they have been walking,” says Standley Lake Varsity Poms Coach Tabitha Bartel.

Junior Pom Cassie Greenly adds: “We have to be so on time and so synchronized.”

All of the hours spent training comes down to two minutes.

“We can’t substitute; we can’t change the play. Once that music starts, that’s what we’ve got for those two minutes,” says Coach Bartel.

“A lot of people think 'Oh, you’re just dancing for two minutes.' But it’s a sprint for two minutes,” Standley Lake Junior Taylor Smith said.

The Standley Lake Varsity Poms execute as well as any team in the country. The Gators placed third at nationals last year with hopes of a national title come March.

“We’re so close and we all have the same dream together, so it’s like a second family to me,” said the only senior member of the team, Santanna Castillo.

First up for these girls and every team in Colorado, the State Championships on Saturday at the Denver Coliseum.

“The dance community is really awesome here in Colorado, and we refer to state as the Super Bowl for these girls,” says Standley Lake Varsity Poms Coach Kelley Wrede.

Greenly adds about this weekend: “This is our weekend and we’re hopefully going to shine.”