This winter's basketball schedule is stacked. Week-after-week, there continue to be top 10 match-ups. We, unfortunately, can't be everywhere, and sometimes miss the biggest games. But that's where you come in. This week's Prep Rally Honor Roll featured two plays sent in by you, the viewer.

They include a nice steal and dunk finish from Silver Creek senior Trent Dykema, a breakaway goal from Standley Lake hockey, a crazy put-back dunk from Chaparral's Bryce Matthews (thanks for the video, @Chap_Hoops), and a buzzer beater winning basket from Overland's upset win over then-ranked No. 4 Grandview. However, this week's top play was featured on our 9NEWS Facebook Game of the Week. Golden's Jack Moore and Adam Thistlewood combined for an epic alley-oop in their team's win over Littleton.

We've ranked the top plays, but ultimately it's you, the viewer, who decides who was number one. Vote in the poll you see below. The winner will be announced during the 9NEWS Sunday morning Prep Rally.

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