The game won't be remembered by the final score. It will be remembered by the incredible moment that could only happen because two rival schools came together for something bigger than basketball.

A high school matchup between Pomona and Ralston Valley Friday night turned into a party at center court after a student with Down syndrome entered the game and scored a basket in the final seconds.

Kevin Bruno -- a sophomore at Pomona --became the star of the night for the Panthers with his bucket just before the buzzer sounded.

"I really kept it to myself," Pomona head basketball coach Jon Baskin said of his plans to put Kevin in the game. "I didn't tell anyone I was even thinking about doing it on Friday night."

Baskin knew going into the game with cross-town rival Ralston Valley, there would be a chance Kevin could get on the court. Once the Panthers built a double-digit lead over the Mustangs, Kevin got the call.

"He almost looked shell-shocked, he was smiling and then, I feel like he was so filled with joy," sophomore basketball player Trevor Baskin said.

"Coach [Chris] Braketa over at Ralston was real accommodating, and the players at Ralston were real accommodating in letting Kevin have that moment," Jon Baskin added.

Kevin seized his chance with the varsity program, burying the shot, before the student section rushed the court to lift him on its shoulders. But the bucket proved to be more than just two points on the scoreboard. Instead, it was an opportunity to reciprocate the love and kindness Kevin has always shown others.

"I think he falls into people's hearts," sophomore basketball player Adam Karas said. "He always cheers your day up, no matter how bad of a day you're having."

Kevin has grown up with the majority of the players on the basketball team. While he plays for Pomona's unified team (in addition to running track, participating in theater and helping out the varsity football team), he attends most basketball practices and games so he can spend time with his friends.

"Why [was] I so happy? Because I played basketball with my buddies," Kevin said of his big moment.

"They've always treated him like another kid. That speaks to like, I said, the character of our kids and their ability to be inclusive and understand differences and accept people for who they are," Coach Baskin added.

Just weeks prior to his shot, Kevin gave a presentation at the high school about Down Syndrome, so his classmates would better understand the genetic disorder. Just as Kevin supports them on the court, the basketball players attended to support their friend.

It's a moment that you absolutely have to watch. You can see the whole clip above (video courtesy of @PomonaPrincipal).