A wish came true Friday morning in Highlands Ranch, and that's not even counting the surprises that awaited in the packed gym.

Quade Marks is a 10-year-old boy whose battle with Leukemia two years ago caused him to spend 168 days in the hospital. Now healthy, he had one simple request: to escape to a beautiful place far away where he wouldn't have to think about all of those medical treatments anymore.

Enter wish week. Enter ThunderRidge High School.

In its sixth annual "Wish Week" assembly, a crowded gymnasium raised enough money to send Quade and his family on a 10-day vacation to New Zealand--a destination that they'll leave for in just a few weeks.

But, that was only a part of the special day.

Waiting for Quade in the gym were members of the Denver Outlaws, the dance team for the Colorado Mammoth and former NBA star Jason Richardson.

If you saw the thrilled 10-year-old, you would have no idea that he spent so much time in a hospital not too long ago.

On Friday, Quade was a star. He got to participate in several skill competitions with the pro athletes on the court. The first of those was a lacrosse shootout, where he got to take the final shot. With all eyes on him, Quade didn't disappoint.

The 10-year-old scored, sending ThunderRidge High School into a frenzy.

Quade then got to team up with a few of the school's unified players--as well as former NBA player Jason Richardson--and take on the boys and girls basketball teams in a game of hoops.

Afterwards, everyone was egging on Richardson-a 2-time NBA slam dunk contest champion--to throw down a slam in front of the packed crowd. So, of course he couldn't say no.

Richardson then presented Quade with a message from Stephen Curry. The 2-time NBA MVP also sent him a signed jersey.

ThunderRidge student leadership sponsor Thomas Sullivan said the school wanted to show Quade that he was a "Grizzly for Life".

Thanks to the Outlaws, Mammoth, Jason Richardson and the entire community, they did.