KUSA—Details of Jamaal Charles’ one-year contract with the Denver Broncos have been obtained by 9NEWS.

Some of the key new information: He gets a $250,000 bonus if he makes the Broncos’ season-opening 53-man roster.

He also gets a $78,125 bonus each time he dresses on the game-day, 46-man roster.

Previously reported by 9NEWS was Charles’ $100,000 workout bonus – the only guaranteed portion of his deal – and a 9-year veteran minimum $900,000 base salary.

To summarize with complete incentive details:

*If Charles doesn’t make the Broncos’ roster because his surgically repaired knee doesn’t come around as hoped, he receives $100,000, not to mention peace of mind knowing he gave it everything he had. The Broncos have also played injury waivers on each knee.

*If he makes it to the Broncos’ season opener against the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night, Sept. 11, he is assured of making $1,328,125. ($100,000 in workout bonus; $900,000 in salary; a one-time, $250,000 bonus for making the team; and a $78,125 game-day bonus).

*If he plays all 16 games, he will make $2.5 million. ($78,125 roster bonus times 16 for $1.25 million; $900,000 salary, $100,000 workout bonus; $250,000 bonus for making the 53.)

*Charles can also make an additional $1.25 million in incentives based on individual and team performances. His first incentive threshold is 500 yards from scrimmage (rushing and receiving). His $1.25 million incentive package is maximized if he reaches 1,400 rushing and receiving yards and the Broncos make the playoffs.

Here's the breakdown of his incentives:

500 yards from scrimmage: $100,000

500 yards plus Broncos make playoffs: $150,000

750 yards from scrimmage: $300,000

750 yards plus Broncos make playoffs: $400,000

1,000 yards from scrimmage: $500,000

1,000 yards plus playoffs: $650,000

1,200 yards yards from scrimmage: $700,000

1,200 yards plus playoffs: $900,000

1,400 yards from scrimmage: $1 million

1,400 yards plus playoffs: $1.25 million

That’s doable. He's reached 1,400 combined yards from scrimmage four times and he's surpassed 1,300 yards five times. So if all goes well for the Broncos and Charles this season, he will make between $3.5 million and $3.75 million.

This is what is known as a win-win deal. If Charles can stay healthy, the Broncos make the playoffs, he doesn’t have to do what he hasn't done before to make $3.75 million.

If it’s determined Charles’ knee – which underwent surgeries to repair a meniscus tear last year and ACL tear in 2015 – won’t hold up to the strain of playing NFL running back, the Broncos are only out $100,000.

Better believe the Broncos are hoping to pay him $3.75 million.