No explanation necessary.

"Awesome event here for family, you can skate here all day or go skiing," said Jan Hejda. Nobody would think twice about him spending some time coaching at an outdoor tournament. This is how he grew up with the game.

"We played a lot of pond hockey," Hejda told 9NEWS. "This is pure hockey for kids and I'm pretty happy that the kids can get the feel of this."

Not that it was needed but Hejda, who spent four seasons as a defenseman with the Avalanche, had very good reason for leading a youth hockey team at the 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament in Keystone.

"It's really great. He's a good coach and he's trying to make us work better," said Jan's son Matheas Hejda. The

7-year-old is trying to follow in his dad's skate strides.

"When I played, I remember 1 day at breakfast he started giving me updates on how all the team's play and how good they are," said Jan.

Now that Dad is done playing he is trying to lift his son's game.

"He's got very similar skating skill. which isn't really a good thing," said Jan laughing. "My skating skill wasn't very good, but hopefully he will get better."

"I know he's going to make my life better and I know he's going to make me be in the NHL," said Matheas.

He's got the number on his sweater to take him there.

"Because my dad is number 8 and he's a famous person," Matheas told 9NEWS, "so if I'm number 8 then I'm going to be a famous person."

Fame and big contracts will have to wait. I'm sure dad is just fine with that.