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A cat stole the show at Friday's Rockies game

The LA Dodgers may have won the game, but the cat won the night. Here's what happened after its MLB debut.

DENVER — The most-talked-about part of Friday's Colorado Rockies game isn't the four home runs hit during the seventh inning. 

It's a fuzzy gray cat that stole the show.

9NEWS tracked down the answer to what happened to the cat after its moment in the spotlight. Keep reading to find out.

> Video above: This is what it looked like on Coors Field on Opening Day.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, the adorable kitty decided to make its MLB debut at Coors Field.

Rockies spokesman Cory Little said the the kitty is among the feral cats that live in and around the ballpark.

It was first spotted in a balancing act, running along the railing behind home plate.

After an impressive sprint across the field, the cat took a short rest in right field while hanging out with Cody Bellinger. 

Credit: AT&T Sportsnet

The visit didn't last long. 

A Coors Field employee was able to corner the kitty and carry it - fighting - off the field. 

Credit: AT&T Sportsnet

Lots of people have been asking what happened to the furious feline after its MLB debut. Here's the scoop from Little:

The guard who caught the cat intended to take it outside the ballpark and release it, but the cat had other ideas. It escaped before they got outside and ran off.

So the scene-stealing cat continues to prowl the backways of Coors Field. Whether it intends to make another game appearance remains to be seen.

The Rockies lost the game to the LA Dodgers 11-6, despite hitting four home runs in the seventh inning.

The Rockies shared the full video of the cat's appearance.

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The team won their first game of the season Thursday, beating the Dodgers 8-5 on Opening Day.

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It was the first game played at Coors Field with fans in the seats since the final game of 2019, as the coronavirus pandemic closed the gates for the shortened, 60-game season of 2020.

This year, the Colorado Rockies got permission from the state to start hosting 21,000 fans at Coors Field. 

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