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95-year-old Rockies employee ushers out another season

Win or lose, Peter Sabell is at nearly every Colorado Rockies home game ushering fans down to their seats along Coors Field's third base line.

DENVER — It's too late to catch a baseball game after the Colorado Rockies played out their last game of the 2022 season. But, if you're already making plans to hit the ballpark in 2023, we've got a guy you have got to meet as you make your way to your seats. 

He's a fan favorite team member at Coors Field – an interesting character who you can't pass up. Meet Peter Paul Sabell Sr. and his wife, Lorraine. 

"I'm 95," acknowledged Paul. "I'm 91," answered Lorraine. Married for over seven decades – or 71 if you're counting the scoreboard. They celebrated their anniversary on Sept. 2.  

"You want the truth? We'll give it to you. We've had our ups and we've had our downs – but you gotta work when you're in the downs...the ups are easy, today the young kids, they don't care," said Peter. 

The couple giggled during their interview in the living room of the family home they bought from Lorraine's family -- her parents owned the house that's been part of her family's history. The house is what brought Peter and Lorraine together; Peter played with Lorraine's brothers as a child. 

Built in the 1800s, the couple remarked on the house as one thing that's definitely older than their marriage.  

"And the house is how old? 140 years. It was built in 1882," said Peter. 

The location of the home means everything to this tried-and-true couple receiving multiple offers for the home and the valuable land it sits on in lower downtown Denver near Coors. To everyone who offers to buy it, Peter said, "They don't want this house, they want that dirt…yeah, they want that dirt."

Which is why the Sabells said they'll stay put – because it's home. And it's close to work, too.

This baseball gig for Peter started 20 years ago, in 2002 – he ventured into his new career at the young age of 75 years old. 

"He likes the baseball -- that's what he does," said Lorraine. "He likes the baseball."

Baseball is Peter's passion. He loves the game, like a wide-eyed little boy admiring the game.  

"I started when I was eight years old, Rough Riders," said Peter. As he motioned to a black and white team photo, "Guess which one I am. Right there in the middle. Right down there, the shortest one there."

Peter loves the game so much, he gets paid to be there. 

Of the 81 home games at Coors Field this year, Pete has only missed 11 of them.

"All my friends go, 'What do you go down there for to watch that lousy ball club for?' I says, 'While I watch that lousy one, I see good ones that come in,'" he said. 

From home plate to the end of the dugout at first base, he's got it covered --literally.   

Peter walks the entire concourse, relieving his coworkers for them to go on break – from first base, rounding home plate, down towards third base, around the outfield and back to first. "I'm going to be all over like horse s--- around here," said Peter while he walked his relief route. 

The 95-year-old usher has spunk, a spark and a big heart. His wife and daughter, whom he affectionately referred to as "his baby," visit him during the games. His daughter is the person who first took a job at the baseball field.   

Baseball gives Peter all he needs -- a chance to meet new people, a chance to exercise and a chance to give the Rockies a title – he figures that will happen in six years. 

Peter said he'll quit after he puts the Rockies and himself into the record books – and when people ask him how he's going to do that, he has an answer. 

"I said, 'Well, Philadelphia had an employee on their baseball team, he retired when he was 99. I told them that I'm going to be there until I'm 101. "

Don't be fooled, it takes a whole lot of work at the games and a 95-year-old employee needs a break from time to time. 

When baseball season ends, Peter is out of the office. But you can bet he'll be back for opening day in 2023. 

"That's my vacation," he said. When asked what he was going to do with his time off – Peter laughed, "Nothin'."

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