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Ian Desmond kicks tobacco habit

The Colorado Rockies outfielder said at spring training that he's quit chewing after more than a decade.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Ian Desmond didn't do what he wanted to on the field last season. But off of it? A major accomplishment for the major league outfielder.

"One year no tobacco," he said at spring training last month. "After about 15-16 years of chewing tobacco, I'm one year free. Last year I was on Nicorette, now I'm completely off everything."

The motivation behind the change? Obviously health.

Desmond wanted to make sure he's around long after he's done playing the game and be able to watch his kids grow up.

"(My family) started getting into me about it. I just made the decision at that time that I was going to be done, and with their support I was able to put it aside." 

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