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Man who's trying to walk to all 30 MLB stadiums stops at Coors Field

Dr. Dave Mayer is a retired anesthesiologist walking to each ballpark to bring awareness to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

DENVER — Dr. Dave Mayer is taking a swing at a Major League endeavor. 

"My wife looked at me and said you've got to be crazy," Mayer said. 

The retired anesthesiologist decided to circle the bases in Arizona, walking to each spring training park to bring awareness to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. 

"Not only the patient safety issues and challenges we have, but especially in light of the pandemic in making sure we have to protect our doctors, nurses and pharmacists," Mayer said. 

After completing the cycle this lifelong Cubs fan followed in Forrest Gump's footsteps, going coast to coast and stopping at MLB stadiums. 20 weeks and 884 miles later, Dave arrived in Denver.  

"I'm a big Rockies fan. It's a great stadium and you've just got to love baseball," Mayer said. 

For the last two days, he was joined by Colorado natives who lost loved ones to the healthcare safety crisis. 

Overall, this journey has been a home run. If all goes well Dr. Dave Mayer will hit all 30 big league ballparks, and hopefully catch some baseball along the way.  

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