Not even once, as the saying goes. LeBron James is in Denver Tuesday night taking on the Nuggets. The Northwest Division-leading Nuggets host the third-place in the Pacific Los Angeles Lakers... and their really famous forward.

This is King James first game in a Lakers uniform at the Pepsi Center, but the arena could have been his domain. After leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason, LeBron was teamless for the third time. First, he left Cleveland to play for Miami and then left Miami for Cleveland.

Teams around the league were vying for him.

Rumors (however seriously they should have been taken are up to you, dear reader) that LeBron was considering Denver swirled just before the All-Star settling on Los Angeles.

The Nuggets did try to get him, the King confirmed - and used a uniform-based pitch, according to LeBron himself.

"The owner of the team is a very dear friend of mine," LeBron said at a practice before game time. "He discussed it a couple times with me. Also, he sent me those throwback jerseys - the white with the mountains that's on it. He said, 'you'll look good in one of these.'"

LeBron said he'd spent some time with Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke on vacation. But did he really consider the Nugs?

"We have a great friendship, but I didn't give it much thought," LeBron said while shaking his head.

He might've wanted to - considering he's playing so poorly against the Nuggets. The good guys won by 32 points on Tuesday over the Lakers, 117-85. This stat, pointed out by our sports director Brody Logan, is especially telling:

Big fans of the Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche may be aware that while Kroenke is the de facto owner of those two teams, his wife, Ann Walton Kroenke is technically the owner. This is because Kroenke owns the Los Angeles Rams and the NFL forbids owners from owning teams in other markets.