If you haven't seen, UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi's perfect 10 floor routine has gone viral and for good reason, it not only shows off her skills as a gymnast but it's just plain fun.

"My first reaction to Katelyn's floor routine was that it's a work of art," University of Denver gymnast Mia Sundstrom told 9NEWS. "It's extremely unique even for a college routine and it's just captivating and fun to watch. My second reaction was that it just looked like pure joy."

The routine did look like pure joy! Ohashi's routine included a medley of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and more that made it more than the typical floor routine.

DU Gymnastics Head Coach Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart said, "It was so fun, so exciting and it's so great for the sport of gymnastics."

Of course the Pioneers have also had their share of perfect scores, one on floor (Nina McGee) and on vault (Maddie Karr).

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