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Referees, Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark: What people are talking about after LSU's win

Did Angel Reese taunt Caitlin Clark or was it just a confident celebration?

DALLAS — With the LSU Women's basketball team winning the school's first-ever basketball championship Sunday, it's no surprise that they were the talk of Twitter. But there was a definitely a mixed tone to the conversation.

In the hour after the Lady Tigers wrapped up its national title win over Iowa, the game was the subject of no less than at least five of items on Twitter's "What's Happening" and Trending sections. 

There were the usual and and "official" hashtags #WFinalFour and #LSUWomenBB. Also "The LSU" and "Bayou Barbie" (dedicated to Angel Reese, of course). 

First, there were plenty of congratulations to the big win:

THE Samuel L. Jackson, a family friend of Jasmine Carson, tweeted to his 7 million+ followers:

Olympian (and LSU alum) Lolo Jones also congratulated the team:

Throughout the game, there was a lot of conversation about the refs ("LET THEM PLAY" was trending at one point, also "The Refs").

Heisman-winning and NFL QB Robert Griffin III said:

Paralympian Myles Porter didn't mince words:

Samuel L. Jackson got into the referee conversation too:

Lolo didn't like it either:

Sports journalist Jamele Hill was in agreement:

Bill Simmons looked on the bright side:

Sports writer Michael McCarthy (who had a number of tweets on the subject), said the officiating would have far-reaching consquences:

But honestly, after the game, a lot the Tweets were about Angel Reese. Specifically this:

"Classless" began trending shortly thereafter as some people sounded off:

To be honest, a lot of the stuff people were saying with that word can't be shared here. But there were some:

Of course, many people pointed out that Clark has also done her share of talking on the court and many showed support for Reese. 

And some pointed out that Caitlin Clark (also apparently a John Cena fan?) had done the same before:

There's a lot more of all of the above on Twitter, but be warned: it can be ugly out there.


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