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Collins returns to alma mater to become Northern Colorado head coach

Earnest Collins, Jr. has been named the new head football coach at Northern Colorado.

< he="" takes="" over="" for="" scott="" downing,="" who="" finished="" 9-47="" during="" his="" five="" years="" running="" the="" program.="" collins="" served="" the="" last="" two="" seasons="" as="" the="" head="" coach="" at="" alcorn="" state,="" where="" he="" guided="" the="" braves="" to="" a="" combined="" 8-12="" mark.="" he="" is="" the="" first="" former="" bears="" player="" to="" return="" as="" the="" head="" mentor="" and="" is="" the="" school's="" single-season="" record="" holder="" in="" punt="" return="" yardage="" and="" is="" second="" all-="" time="" in="" career="" punt="" return="" yardage.="" "i="" am="" very="" excited="" to="" reintroduce="" earnest="" collins="" to="" the="" university="" of="" northern="" colorado="" football="" family="" as="" the="" new="" head="" football="" coach,"="" director="" of="" athletics="" jay="" hinrichs="" said.="" "coach="" collins="" certainly="" has="" unc="" ties.="" he="" played="" -="" holds="" records="" -="" and="" coached="" as="" a="" member="" of="" past="" bears="" teams.="" he="" knows="" colorado="" recruiting="" and="" believes="" there="" is="" a="" wealth="" of="" football="" talent="" in="" this="" state.="" his="" teams="" have="" always="" brought="" a="" of="" play="" that="" is="" physical="" and="" exciting="" for="" fans="" to="" watch."="" collins="" was="" an="" assistant="" with="" the="" bears="" from="" 2000-03="" when="" he="" served="" as="" the="" secondary="" and="" special="" teams="" coach./="">