DENVER — The DU lacrosse team will look different this year thanks to new players and a new rule that will make the Pioneers play faster.

Killing the clock is now a thing of the past thanks to a new 80-second shot clock. College lacrosse is taking a page from basketball to speed the game up and hopefully make it better.

"It's great for the game," said DU head coach Bill Tierney. "We are trying to draw fans, it's the fastest growing sport in the country. It's going to be great for the fans and the kids love it. The kids like playing fast and we certainly have enough guys to do it. I think it's going to be good for the game."

The game will certainly change and not just from this season to past seasons, but from month to month believes Tierney.

"I think the game will change from January to February to March as everybody starts to copy each other as we always do in lacrosse. By the middle of the year you'll start to see people settle in as to what really works."

That's the task at hand: figure out how to have this new rule make your team better.  

"It's exciting. There's new planning going on and our practices have had to change," said Tierney. "I think we'll be a little faster and we have the depth to do that."

Tierney also emphasized that the change will be limited as they still won't stray too far away from that Matt Brown offense which has made the Pioneers so good for so long.

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