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A look back at the fleeting but beautiful moments when Broncos Twitter thought Aaron Rodgers was coming to Denver

For a while, Denver Broncos fans had a glimmer of hope that Aaron Rodgers could be traded to Denver. Then Mike Klis shut it down.

DENVER — To be a Denver Broncos fan is to have hope. To wait for a winning season, wait to lose, and wait for an absolution that may never come (this quote came loosely from an elderly "Rose Dawson" in Titanic). 

Those hopeful moments hit a boiling point on Thursday night, when some sports reporters began to speculate that a disgruntled Aaron Rodgers was seeking to leave the Green Bay Packers, and that the Denver Broncos might just be where the Super Bowl winning quarterback would land. 

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For two hours, Denver Broncos fans felt a type of optimism that perhaps hasn't been felt in the Mile High City since Peyton Manning took the team to the Super Bowl five long years ago. 

But alas, Denver Broncos Insider Mike Klis said this dream was not to be, that night anyway. 

This happened eight minutes after Kyle Clark lit a prayer candle in his basement, something he would later extinguish. 

And on Friday, the Green Bay Packers general manager put another nail in the coffin and said the organization was not interested in trading their star quarterback. 

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Look: it's easy to be sad that it's over, but it's healthier to be glad the Aaron Rodgers excitement happened at all. 

Here are some of the best tweets from Broncos Country about what turned out to simply be nothing more than a rumor. 

The prayers 

Broncos fans made their hope known. 

The offer no sane person could ever refuse

The persuasion 

The memes

That one Kansas City fan that always chimes in ... 

The realization that it's all over 

And a question that many of us wish had an actual answer (and wasn't just a joke on Twitter)