Editor's note: We're asking you about Broncos trivia, past and present. We will reveal the answer to the set of clues in the Broncos preseason 9NEWS halftime show.

Before the Broncos, there were the Bears. No, not the Chicago Bears - the Denver Bears. That was Denver's minor league baseball team back in the 1940s.

The team used to play at Merchants Park until the owners decided they needed more space. So along comes Denver Bears Stadium, a new ballpark that replaced a landfill at 20th and Clay.

Now if that location sounds familiar, it's because many of you know it as the Old Mile High Stadium. It evolved in 1959, when its owners, the Howsams, decided to join other cities in starting the American Football League.

The Broncos had to share the field - in the shadow of baseball.

“When I came in the bears were the thing," said Al King, the former spokesman for the Broncos, during an interview with 9NEWS in 2014. "They were pretty much the lead story most of the time as was DU and CU. And the Broncos, you really had to work your tail off to get them publicity."