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Business leaders learning lessons from Tim Tebow

DENVER - Denver Broncos fans are not the only ones paying attention to quarterback Tim Tebow. CEOs and business leaders are also taking notes.

INTERACTIVE: It's Tebow TimeTebow#39;s name recently popped up on the Washington Post#39;s list of the 12 best leaders in 2011, next to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Forbes magazine recently ran an article that listed leadership examples from Tebow. The list was created after audio of Tebow from the game against the Chicago Bears was released. Forbes admired Tebow#39;s ability to inspire teamwork, his sportsmanship and respect for his fellow competitors and his unwavering support of his teammates. Local personal branding expert Lida Citroen says business clients around the world are talking about Tebow. She says his success as a leader is rooted in his convictions and passion. "He's passionate about his values, his values being rooted in his faith," Citroen said. Citroen says Tebow#39;s passion has inspired an entire team and a community. But he has something more than that. quot;It really is about being authentic and what he's shown us is: shake off those missteps, learn from your mistakes and move forward because you can't change what has happened,quot; she said. She also says business leaders can learn consistency from Tebow. He is consistently the same person: thankful and friendly. />

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