KUSA – Based on dollars allocated, the Broncos’ offense is overachieving as their defense is underachieving.

The Broncos rank 32nd in the 32-team NFL in active roster cash spending on offense at $53.53 million (figures according to Spotrac.com).

With the Broncos ranking 14th in total offense at 365.7 yards per game, and 17th in scoring by averaging 23.0 points, they are outperforming their paychecks.

They can especially thank Phillip Lindsay.

NFL offense 2018 cash payouts (active rosters)

Rk … Team …… 2018 cash

1. … Packers … $128.5 million

2. … Browns .… $121.0 million

3. … Giants …... $104.3 million

4. … Falcons …. $103.6 million

5. … Raiders .… $95.1 million

31. … Texans ...… $54.1 million

32. … Broncos … $53.5 million

The Broncos rank No. 5 in the NFL, though, in defensive spending at $102.46 million.

Yet, the Denver D ranks 25th in yards allowed at 382.8 yards per game and 11th with 21.8 points allowed per game.

NFL defense 2018 cash payouts (active rosters)

Rk … Team …… 2018 cash

1. … Bears .....… $117.2 million

2. … Jaguars .… $108.3 million

3. … Rams ….… $107.0 million

4. … Vikings ...… $103.8 million

5. … Broncos … $102.5 million

31. … Colts .......… $40.6 million

32. … Raiders …... $38.5 million

The Broncos’ defensive cash payroll is top heavy at their outside linebacker position as their top two-paid players are Von Miller ($19.4 million) and Bradley Chubb ($18.39 million).

At least they’re not throwing good money after bad as Miller ranks second in the league with 12.5 sacks and the rookie Chubb is tied for 9th with 10.0 sacks.

Other Denver defenders making at least $5 million this year: Defensive lineman Derek Wolfe ($9.39 million), cornerback Bradley Roby ($8.526 million), cornerback Chris Harris Jr. ($8.5 million), inside linebacker Todd Davis ($6 million) and inside linebacker Brandon Marshall ($5 million).

The Broncos’ offensive payroll dropped considerably when receiver Demaryius Thomas was traded away. Case Keenum is the Broncos’ highest-paid player at $18 million, but even that’s cheap as quarterbacks go as his average salary is only tied for 17th in the league.

The Broncos’ second-highest offensive cash payout this year drops to $8.25 million with receiver Emmanuel Sanders. The team’s top five is rounded out with right tackle Jared Veldheer ($6.91 million), receiver Courtland Sutton ($3.53 million) and guard Billy Turner ($2 million).

Among players who have been with the Broncos from start of the season, Lindsay is the lowest-paid. The sensational rookie running back is making just $495,000 this year ($15,000 signing bonus, rookie minimum $480,000 salary). And he’ll only make $570,000 in 2019.

He will get a nice, six-figure, playing-time bonus check at year’s end from the union, but if you’re wondering, NFL collective bargaining rules won’t allow Lindsay to renegotiate his contract until after his second year.

Lindsay leads all AFC rushers, and is No. 4 overall, with 937 yards on a league-best 6.1-yards per carry.

Thus, it is no exaggeration to say the 5-foot-7 ¼, 184-pound Lindsay is inch-for-inch, pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar the best player in the NFL this season.

Broncos' special teams rank 15th in cash payroll at $5.2 million with kicker Brandon McManus getting $4.25 million, long-snapper Casey Kreiter $630,000 and punter Colby Wadman collecting $367,055 (prorated minimum salary from joining team in week 5.