DENVER — In a season to forget for the Denver Broncos, Emmanuel Sanders is having one of his best years.

His new quarterback, Case Keenum, gets a lot of the credit, but Sanders believes his new diet has been a huge factor as well. Sanders is suddenly a health nut.

"My body is like a Ferrari," Sanders said. "You're not going to put unleaded gas in a Ferrari. Yes, it's going to go fast, but it's not going to be at its top top speed."

Sanders' wife Gabriella also gets a lot of the credit for the new and improved Emmanuel.

"She's a really good cook, and we work together really well as a team," Sanders said.

"I love cooking," Gabby said. "For me, it's therapeutic. So when he eats my food I enjoy watching him."

Sanders said the Broncos nutritionist has been impressed, but Sanders isn't willing to share her cooking skills.

"No, no. She's my secret weapon," laughed Sanders.

His wife agreed: "I thought upgrading to four was a lot. I don't know about 53. I don't think I could do that, honestly."

The four Gabby refers to is her family: herself, Emmanuel, and her two kids including 4-year-old Princeton, who has very little interest in junk food.

"He's already talking like, 'I don't need that. It's too much sugar'," Sanders said about his son.

"Yeah, he does always say that," added Gabby. "He wants to be so much like Emmanuel that if we tell him that if he eats this, then he'll be fast he'll finish it right before you look up."