Three days later, and the big fight between the Broncos and Raiders this past Sunday is still a major topic of discussion around team headquarters.

Wednesday on the Broncos Huddle, Emmanuel Sanders and special guest Zach Kerr offered their perspective on the skirmish that led to Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree both being suspended for one game by the NFL.

"I remember seeing Crabtree coming out of the tunnel (before the game) when they're announcing the starting lineups," Sanders said. "I see him look at Talib and use some bad profanity, and I was like, 'man, this dude is still mad about that chain.' I promise you, Crabtree came into that game looking to get kicked out."

The Broncos maintained their stance that Crabtree instigated the scuffle.

Sanders mentioned the fact that Crabtree punched Chris Harris Jr the play before, and Talib has said that the Oakland receiver punched him as well before the two pushed each other out of bounds.

"I watched it with my own two eyes," Kerr said.

Talib's one-game suspension will cost him nearly $600,000.

"I don't make nearly enough money to be throwing punches in a football game," Kerr joked on the Huddle.

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