Former NFL defensive tackle Terrance Knighton went on an impassioned Twitter rant this weekend to stir up the age-old debate on why NFL players should be making more money than their NBA counterparts.

In reaction to some eye-popping deals this offseason, most recently James Harden extending his contract to $228 million over six years with the Houston Rockets and Steph Curry signing a $201 million contract over five years with the Golden State Warriors, Knighton fumed about the disparity.

“Aaron Rodgers should be making more money (than) James Harden,” Knighton tweeted, rolling off a laundry list of NFL stars who should be making more than comparable NBA stars. “Tom Brady should be making more money (than) Steph Curry.”

Rogers is in the fourth year of a five-year $110 million salary he signed in 2013; Brady is playing under a two-year deal for $41 million.

Under the NBA’s new labor deal, players get roughly half of all league revenue before expenses — similar to the much more profitable NFL. But despite making more money overall than NBA players, NFL players have their money spread out with nearly four times as many roster spots. The NFL’s 2011 lockout ended after 132 days, and the league’s collective bargaining agreement with players is set to expire in 2021.

“NFL makes billions a year. Time to get back to that negotiation table,” Knighton tweeted. “And this time we need to stay strong and not budge. Make em Pay!!!”

“And I’m not saying NBA players should make less,” he added. “Just that NFL players should be making more.”

In his playing career, Knighton played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, and Washington Redskins before briefly spending time with the New England Patriots last season.