With CJ Anderson now a former Denver Bronco, there are many who believe the running back job is wide open.

The odds may be against rookie David Williams, but the Broncos' final draft pick believes he should still be in the running.

The Broncos have a history of college free agents making their team. It's happened in 13 of their last 14 seasons, but it's still a difficult hill to climb. The elevation for the former Arkansas Razorback isn't quite that high.

"I felt like I went first round," said Williams talking about the excitement of actually being drafted. "Just hearing my name and seeing my face pop up and my highlights was just an amazing experience I got to experience with my family."

Late round running backs have done well in Denver in the past -- none of course better than Terrell Davis. This sixth round selection ended up in Canton, Ohio.

Now, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is setting the bar a little too high for Williams. His goal is to make sure he is still a Bronco in September.