PARKER, Colo. — Josey Jewell: There's something about him.

Maybe it's his small-town background or his ability to tackle and sack a quarterback. The University of Iowa won't forget Josey Jewell – and neither will Margaret Cramer.

She's a fan of football, the Denver Broncos and especially Josey Jewell.

"First it was his name. It rhymes: 'Josey Jewell'," Cramer said. "And I just had that in my mind."

Caitlin Shepherd, the Senior Director of Entertainment at Lincoln Meadows Senior Living, said:

"We printed off his picture and she's been talking about him ever since, and how she just thought he was the nicest man and wanted to meet him and thought he was a good football player – and handsome."

As the unofficial president of the Josey Jewell fan club, this had to happen.

"I saw a video on my Twitter or something like that. Me and my wife talked about it and were like, 'might as well go to it, why not," Jewell said. "Definitely cool to talk to the fans and people like this."

Margaret and Josey made an immediate connection.

Josey chatted with all of Margaret's friends – talking football, life on the farm and that name.

They laughed and talked about what matters most, like his wife. They like her.

 They liked hearing about Josey's visits with children at the Children's Hospital in Iowa.

"Our coach kind of instilled that into us right away to go up there," Josey said. "He maybe told us to do it once and then after that we all just started going there every couple weeks."

There is something special about Josey Jewell. Margaret knew it from the start.

The name caught her attention. His actions made a lasting impression.

"I thought he's probably 23 years old, and I'm 90. We won't have anything in common to talk about," Margaret said. "But we did."