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KOA Broncos radio continues calling road games from Mile High

Dave Logan, Rick Lewis and the rest of KOA – the Broncos radio network – have adapted to calling away games from Empower Field at Mile High.

DENVER — To most people listening at home, it's hard to tell there's any difference.

To Dave Logan, Rick Lewis and the rest of the KOA crew, it's unlike anything they've done before.

The team at 850AM KOA – the Denver Broncos radio network – is adjusting to calling the team's road games from hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away.

It's a result of the times in 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic. Outlets like KOA (as well as KUSA) have been limited in covering games as normal to limit contact.

"Because we can't get on the plane and traveling isn't an option right now, we're doing the games from Empower Field at Mile High," said KOA Executive Producer Alan Jackson.

Logan reflected on calling the team's Week 2 road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the first time he hasn't been physically present since he started in 1990.

"Broadcasting the game, there's nothing for you to look at on the field," he explained. "For me, after 30 years of that, I'm used to looking at players and being able to identify them."

Jackson explained that he listens to what the TV truck is communicating, between the TV networks, to determine when there's a break coming.

The KOA team has rolled with the punches and executed in such a way that their listeners likely don't notice the difference.

"To call a game on radio off of two monitors, was...What would I say? Unique," Logan said. "I think it's fitting for the zombie apocalypse, which is what I've said 2020 is."

It's as close to "normal" as we can get in 2020.

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