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Adam Gotsis attorney: 'There was just no doubt that he was innocent'

Head coach Vance Joseph had just approached Adam Gotsis and gave his starting defensive lineman a big hug. Congratulations, Adam, you've been cleared.
Credit: Isaiah J. Downing, USA TODAY Sports

ENGLEWOOD – It got pretty emotional in the Broncos’ locker room.

Head coach Vance Joseph had just approached Adam Gotsis and gave his starting defensive lineman a big hug. Congratulations, Adam, you’ve been cleared.

Most of the players were in meetings, but Gotsis, the Broncos’ starting defensive end in his third season, had tears as his defensive linemates came in the locker room for the moment to congratulate him.

“We’re all human and stuff, and I think they’re guys that care about me outside of football, so it’s just good to have them come say some stuff to me,” Gotsis said after the Broncos’ walk-through session Wednesday afternoon.

Five months after he was arrested on suspicion of a rape charge stemming from an incident that occurred five years earlier while he was a student-athlete at Georgia Tech, the Fulton County District Attorney announced it would not proceed with the case, stating “the evidence presented does not warrant any further action.’’

“I’m just relieved that everything has been taken care of," Gotsis said. “You’ve got faith in the legal system, faith in the Lord and family and friends. Great support from everyone around me: Broncos, friends, family. Just glad that it’s over with and I can just focus on football now.”

Gotsis’ Atlanta-based attorney Manny Arora said he was grateful for the professional manner the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office conducted its investigation and didn’t “bow to pressure and let a grand jury decide,’’ when it was clear his client did not do what was alleged.

“We talked to the friends who were there that night and introduced them," Arora said. “They were there at the nightclub when they went out. They also came by the apartment later in the morning when Adam was still asleep there. There were no issues. She drove him home.

“The young lady didn’t complain to anybody in class over the next few weeks. There were a lot of factors in our favor. There was just no doubt that he was innocent in this situation. Or, playing devil’s advocate, there was no way the government could prove he did anything wrong. He’s just frankly not that guy. I’ve dealt with a lot of clients, but he’s not that guy.’’

Gotsis spoke in a somber, respectful tone as he addressed the media regarding the dismissal of his case. The football field became his sanctuary as he awaited the results of the investigation.

“It was frustrating at times,’’ he said. “It’s harder when you’re alone and you’re really not in the (Broncos’) building. When you’re in the building, you’re so caught up in football and everything.

“It’s more when you’re alone and stuff and you’re thinking about it, but that’s what you’ve got the friends and family for — to support you when you’ve got no one else.”

Because it was a criminal investigation, visa issues prevented Gotsis from attending his sister’s wedding in Australia.

“It’s a very good, close family,’’ Arora said. “He’s a good, middle-class kid.’’

As a secondary issue, the Broncos can now move forward with the 2018 season knowing Gotsis will be with them.

“I’m just happy it’s resolved, and I can just focus on the season coming up,’’ Gotsis said. “I’m looking forward to being out here with a new team, a new bunch of guys and hopefully accomplish something that we’re all working for.”

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